Brussels Baseball Academy

During the winter season 2016 - 2017 the ASBL Brussels Sports Association hosts a baseball academy program on Tuesdays and Fridays from October to April.

This advanced program is open to all children of league ages 10 to 14 (born between May 1st, 2002 and April 30th, 2007) with the ambition to dedicate the time and effort necessary to progress as a player and succeed as a teammate in high-level competition.

Our program features highly skilled and internationally experienced coaches who combine robust traditional training disciplines with innovative modern techniques, while also giving individual attention to each player. The program aims at achieving development targets defined by MLB for youth teams and youth players.

The program covers both tactical and technical aspects of baseball and applies methods of explicit and implicit learning. Players taking part in the program commit to be present twice per week and to do exercises at home aimed at building core body strength and to prevent injuries.

If you want to participate send us an email:
The contribution fee for the program is 200€

  • October to December
    focus on fundamentals for batting and fielding with physical conditioning.

  • January to February
    more fielding, batting and conditioning, with elements of tactical preparation added and throwing gradually intensified.

  • March to April
    increased focus on defensive tactical aspects alongside pitcher’s training and catching specifics

Little League® All-Stars

Another goal of Little League Brussels is to select the players for the Little League All-Star teams.

Participation in the Little League program is required to obtain eligibility for selection. More information on the Little League All Star selection process for 2017 will be provided soon....
To be continued....

All-Star teams comprised of children selected to play for the Brussels region will compete for the Belgian Little League Championships, which in 2017 will take place from June 3 - 5 in Mortsel.

Brussels is involved in forming All Star teams in the following age groups:

. Majors (10-12 yrs)
. Intermediate (13 yrs)
. Juniors (14 yrs)
. Senior (15-16 yrs)

Winners from each age group will represent Belgium at the European Championships in July, competing for a chance to continue on to the Little League World Series held in August in the United States.


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